Hear the New Testament in Latin

An equation for today: Something you don’t really know + something you know well = quicker, pleasanter learning. I’m really hoping you know the New Testament, or at least the Gospels, very very well: if so, your Latin studies will get a boost from today’s profiled resource: audio recordings of the Neo-Vulgate New Testament.

Almost 10 years ago a group of Catholics, including Fr. Peter Stravinskas, worked with a non-denominational Bible website to make audio recordings of the New Testament in Latin available for free. The website has two recordings of the Latin New Testament (Neo-Vulgate): one is dramatized and the other non-dramatized (one reader only). Go here to play the books of the New Testament in your browser, or here to download to your computer.

Nota Bene: Each Gospel, Epistle, or Book of the New Testament begins with several minutes of sacred music (Gregorian Chant, etc.) in its first chapter. Only the first chapter though: the other chapters begin with the reading.

Unfortunately, the Latin version of the Old Testament on the website has not been recorded, it is text-only. But those New Testament recordings should be a marvelous resource for all, particularly priests and seminarians, for whom this project was originally designed.

I hope it helps all of you understand Latin better. A chapter each day! šŸ˜‰

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