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If you learn Latin, the primary key to at least the last 2,000 years of Western Civilization will be yours. Perhaps you’d like to learn Latin; I’d certainly like to teach you! My specialty is Church Latin: Ecclesiastical Latin, Medieval Latin.

It’s not quite Julius Caesar’s Latin–his Classical Latin is substantially different from what I teach–more here. But if the Latin of the glorious Age of Faith, of the Western intellectual tradition from about 400-1600, and of the Catholic Church even today is what you are interested in–well, this is what I do.

Online Classes

Is this for you: Studying with others, like in a high school or college Latin class of yesteryear, only using Zoom? I will be presenting material for a new lesson each week, live, throughout the duration of the course.

Online Advising

Are you curious about the different Latin curricula options available, and wonder what factors would make each most appropriate for you or your students? I’ll be happy to tell you what I know!

Online Tutoring

Would you like a more personalized approach to learning Church Latin, where I work with you personally to help you meet your goals? This is a custom-tailored path to studying and mastery, designed for your situation.

Future Courses:

Latin 1: This is the first year course for those who want to learn to read Latin texts, by reading a lot of Latin practice texts. Latin by the Natural Method is a phenomenal program, requiring commitment, focus, and persistence. Highly recommended for those who really want to learn Latin as an intelligible means of communication! August 2023-May 2024.

Latin II: Continuing with the second half of Fr. Most’s book, we will be reading our way through the Subjunctive Mood, Gerundives, the rest of the first and second person forms of all our verbs, and discussing the finer points of what we covered in the first year course. August 2023-May 2024.

Let’s study Church Latin together.

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