Here Because of the Latin Mass?

GOOD NEWS: You can pray well at the Latin Mass using a Missal with English translations (or that of any native language !), that lets you follow along easily with what the priest is saying and doing–and no Latin-fluency is needed!

There’s so much richness to Traditional Catholic worship. Of course, I have resource recommendations to help you discover the beauties of it!

If you want an excellent overall introduction/overview, these wonderful books (in English) will get you started finding your way through the Traditional Latin Mass:

  • Also, you may like Know Your Mass by Fr. Demetrious Mansouos, a scanned comic book guide to the Traditional Latin Mass from 1954 (PDF download is the first link in the blog post!)

However, if you are really interested in becoming fluent in Latin, this whole website is designed to help you do just that. I particularly recommend that you work steadily through Fr. Most’s Latin by the Natural Method textbook series which is profiled all over my website. It’s really excellent!

I hope that you are able to get to a Traditional Latin Mass easily and frequently! It changes how you think, how you worship, how you live. It might take a few Sundays to get used to, so be patient with yourself at first–but you will soon see why it’s “the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven.”

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  1. Do you have specific recommendations for or against any particular hand missals? I see many publishers and many editions and it can get confusing trying to figure out the differences. Or can you at least point the way to some explanations?

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