Latin Books: in French, Spanish, Irish, Etc.

Although I’m currently a small-town American who has never been outside of the USA, I’m lucky enough to have this website which gets views from all over the world. Speakers of many languages are intersted in Church Latin, hurrah! Inspired by this, I am starting a collection of Latin resources for many languages here. Feel free to comment and let me know what to add to the list!

Natural Method Latin books

With my English-speaking students I use Fr. William Most’s Latin by the Natural Method. I find the “natural method” a very helpful way to get students using their Latin endings right away. Here are some resources in other languages with that type of style:





More Latin Books in World Languages

A vintage Latin textbook for speakers of Irish


  • Irish-speakers might enjoy this antique textbook Tosach Laidne by Maoghnas O Domhnaill
  • Scottish Gaelic/Latin Ordo Missae: ‘an Laidinn ‘s ‘an Gdhlig : agus naighean eile


Dutch-speakers can use the Handboek voor Kerklatijn, which I saw at the Vereniging voor Latijnse Liturgie site, which looks like a wonderful resource as well!


Here’s a Church Latin dictionary in Latin and German from1926: Kirchenlateinisches Wörterbuch;
ausführliches Wörterverzeichnis zum Römischen missale, breviarum, rituale, graduale, pontificale, caeremoniale, martyrologium…

Keep this List Growing!

Send me your favorite links to Latin books in other languages, particularly any Natural Method types you may know of. I need resources in German, Hungarian, Polish…you get the idea–all of them!
Vobis gratias!

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