Learn Latin Resolution: A Paragraph a Day

This seems like the perfect time of year to plan something exciting: start-to-finish Latin by the Natural Method, Vol. 1 doing just a paragraph a day. Really.

A paragraph is so bite-sized almost every single one of you should be able to squeeze that in. But there are enough days in the year that you will have finished the entire first volume of the series if you do your paragraph every day.

To help keep track of your daily paragraph commitment, below is a free printable with each day’s paragraph(s)* listed.

Go quicker if you like, of course–but be sure and stick to the bare minimum every day–even if you are traveling, even if your toddler gets sick, even if…whatever. It’s just a paragraph!

Have fun, and I can’t wait to see if anyone posts about his progress through the year! Felicem annum novum omnibus!


*Some paragraphs are super short, sometimes just a sentence long, so you’ll do two paragraphs on a few days.

2 thoughts on “Learn Latin Resolution: A Paragraph a Day

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  1. I am going to challenge the parents of the students in my Hybrid School Latin Class to this. The Students are taking it slower in LNM (through lesson 28 this year).


    1. That sounds like a fun idea! I hope they are up to the challenge. FYI: For some reason, with just a couple of the boxes on the chart, MS Publisher transferred just one of the lines of text inside them to the PDF, but not both. However, it will be easy to figure out which is the paragraph assigned on those days, based on what is assigned in the boxes before and after!


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