VTF: Medieval and Late Latin Selections

This just in! Newly in the Public Domain in the USA as of 2021, Medieval and Late Latin Selections (for the Use of College Students) by Charles Upson Clark and Josiah Bethea Game. My waiting to share this treasure is finally over!

“In composing this book, we have aimed to give beginners, and especially college freshmen, a glimpse of the wealth of Latin Literature in its last thousand years of development.”

Preface: Medieval and Late Latin Selections, Clark & Game

Some of the excellent features of this reader:

  • Selections include interesting stuff by the Venerable Bede, Gregory of Tours, St. Gregory the Great, Columbus, lots from Erasmus, and some of the Carmina Burana
  • Rejoice: the Vocabulary at the back of the book contains every Latin word used in the book!
  • Wonderfully, there are extensive explanatory notes in the back for all the selections in both Parts, and summaries for each of the stories and fables in Part I.
  • The selections are thoughtfully “arranged in order of difficulty.”
  • The learned compilers highly valued Medieval Latin Literature and want you to as well:

Every great modern literature begins in Latin; the Venerable Bede and Geoffrey of Monmouth are outstanding figures in early English Literature, even though they write in Latin. So our selections form an introduction to modern literature, as well as a source-book for that medieval thought and educational system which developed into our own. We hope that the student will close the book with a clearer understanding of the unity of all that European history and literature of which we are all heirs.

Preface: Medieval and Late Latin Selections, Clark & Game

Another great title for practicing with after your first year or so of Latin–download and save it right away!

4 thoughts on “VTF: Medieval and Late Latin Selections

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  1. But! But! But! It’s more than 70 years old! Evil! It’s about a foreign language! Evil squared!  And it’s good for enhancing the knowledge and practice of The True Religion! Evil×infinity!


    1. I am not a member of that site, so I can’t download books there except one page at a time, but I do enjoy being able to look through the books for free! I will link to a full free download of the title if I ever find one!


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