Latin Idioms to Know

From Easy Latin for Sight Reading for Secondary Schools by Benjamin D’Ooge (1897)

The following idioms occur so frequently that it will be of much subsequent advantage and a great saving of time for the student to memorize them thoroughly early in his course.

ad unum, to a man.
aequo animo, contentedly, resignedly, patiently.
aere alieno premi, to be heavily in debt.
agere gratias, to thank.
alius aliam in partem, one in one direction, another in another.
amico aliquo uti, to be on terms of intimacy with some one.
animo tenus commoveri, to be moved to the heart.
annum quartum agens, in his fourth year.
annos quattuor natus, at the age of four.
ante annos, before the legal age.
apud regem, at the court of the king.
bellum inferre, to make war upon.
bene habet, it is well.
bono animo esse, to be well disposed.
bonum animum habere, to be of good courage.
capitis damnatus, convicted of a capital crime, sentenced to death.
causam dicere or agere, to state a case, to plead a case.
certior fieri, to be informed.
certiorem facere, to inform.
consilia inire, to make plans.
consulere alicui, to look out for the interest of some one.
consulere aliquem, to consult some one, to ask advice of some one.
dare operam, to see to, give attention to, take pains.
diem dicere or edicere, to appoint a time, name a day.
dum haec geruntur, while this was going on.
eo magis, all the more.
extrema hieme, at the end of winter.
ex re publica, to the best interests of the state.
gerere magistratum, to hold an office.
gratias agere, to thank.
gratiam habere, to be grateful.
gratiam or gratias referre, to return a favor.
gratum facere, to do a favor.
idem qui, the same as.
idem sentire, to have the same opinion.
in dies, every day, daily.
in dubium vocari, to be called in question.
in fugam dare, to put to flight.
in gratiam redire, to be reconciled.
in matrimonium ducere, to marry.
in perpetuum, forever.
inter cenam, at table.
ius dicere, to pronounce judgment.
longum est, it would take long, it would be tedious.
mandare litteris, to commit to writing.
memoria tenere, to remember.
moleste ferre, to take it ill, to be grieved.
multum valere, to be very influential.
navem conscendere, to embark.
novae res, a revolution.
novus homo, an upstart, a parvenu, a self-made man.
orationem habere, to make a speech.
operam dare, to see to, to take pains.
opus est, it is necessary.
placuit senatui, the senate decided.
plurimum posse, to be most powerful, to be most influential.
prae se ferens, showing, exhibiting.
praeclare se habere, to be admirable.
pro amico habere, to regard as a friend.
pro contione, before the assembly, or in an address.
quae cum ita sint, since this is true, under these circumstances, this being the case.
quam primum, as soon as possible.
rationem reddere, to render an account, to give an explanation.
res gestae, exploits, deeds.
salutem dicere, to salute, to greet.
satis constat, it is well established.
se conferre, betake oneself, go.
se gerere, conduct oneself, act.
sententia stat, it is resolved, they resolve.
stipendium merere, to perform military service.
terga vertere, to retreat.
onus atque alter, one or two.
veniam dare, to pardon.
ventum est, he or she came, he or she has come, they came,
they have come.
vereor ne, fear that.
vereor ut, fear that not.
vitam agere, to live.

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