For Fun: Latin Titles of “Best Picture” Winners

File:Sidney Olcott001.jpg

Last night I had some fun putting some very famous film titles in Latin–I’d love to know what you think. Agree? Disagree? (Yikes–spotted errors?) Let me know in the combox. Hope you have fun figuring out what they are meant to be!

So, in no particular order, here are my versions of Latinized titles of some of the titles of the Best Picture winners of the last 90 or so years:

  • Gladiator
  • Amadeus

(Okay, that was cheating–those are already in Latin!)

  • Mens Pulchra
  • Tonus Musicae
  • Regio non Senibus
  • Ex Africa
  • Patrinus
  • Oratio Regis
  • Silentium Agnorum
  • Homines Usitati
  • Super Nido Cuculi Unus Volavit
  • Dominus Anulorum: Regis Reditus
  • PluviaVir
  • Omnes Viri Regis
  • Saltat cum Lupis
  • Omnia de Eva
  • Imperator Ultimus
  • Vir Omnibus Temporibus
  • Quadrigae Ignis
  • Pulchra Femina Mea
  • CorForte
  • Laurentius de Arabia
  • Iens Cursu Meo
  • Abitum cum Vento
  • Centuria

How did you do? Did you figure most of them out? I bet you found out your Latin skills are better than you thought!

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