Latin Study Habits Tracker

Are you like me, one of those people who likes to check the box and celebrate when you do your daily tasks? I just love to set goals, plan successes, and track my progress. Today I present to you a free printable study tracker to help keep track of your progress at learning Latin, whichever curriculum you use, whatever approach you favor, whatever goals you are following.

Latin Study Habit Tracker

It includes three components: space to write planned study goals/intentions/desired habits, graphs for checking off each day you complete your daily study habit, and lines to record the progress you’ve made each month. The page is set up for three total months, twenty-eight days each, because I divided them into four weeks.

I would love to hear your suggestions for tweaks and improvements for this study tracker if you use it. May it encourage you to dream big, and get to work!

2 thoughts on “Latin Study Habits Tracker

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  1. Oh wow, besides being very useful, I think this tracker is super beautiful! I am using it, and it gives me an additional motivation to keep on going with my latin study. Thanks a lot!


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