Drill Masters for LNM 1

As I teach students with Fr. William Most’s Latin by the Natural Method, I find it very helpful to incorporate material and practices from Fr. Paul Distler’s Latin I: Beginning Reading. Two wonderful Natural Method textbooks for Latin–but of course they have their many differences: particularly in presentation of forms and vocabulary.

Fr. Distler’s book uses something called “Drill Masters” in his books to get students practicing using Latin forms in context of the context of complete sentences. After the first ten lessons of LNM, I found Drill Masters to be helpful in beginning breaking the mental gridlock of word-order that my English-only-speaking students have. Here are some Drill Masters inspired by Fr. Distler adjusted to be used with Lessons 10, 11, and 12 of Fr. Most’s book.

Need-to-know question words:

  • Quis? Who?
  • Quem? Whom?
  • Quocum? With whom?
  • Quid egit? What did he/she do?
  • Quid egerunt? What did they do?

How to Use Drill Masters

  1. Find the first set of exercises and cover the group of sentences on the right side.
  2. Read the top, centered sentence: Maria vidit Marcum.
  3. Read the first question: Quis vidit Marcum?
  4. Answer the question aloud based on the info in the top sentence. “Maria vidit Marcum.”
  5. Uncover the answer on the right side to check your guess.
  6. Continue answering the next sentences in the same way.
  7. For variety, you can practice the sentences from bottom-to-top as well.


Let me know if these help you make your thinking more flexible, like the flexible word order of the glorious Latin language!

Lectio 10 Drill Master

Lectio 11 Drill Master

Lectio 12 Drill Master

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